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Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam Answers 2022

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In this post, you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions asked in the Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam. This post contains new and updated questions that you won’t get anywhere else. You can take the certification exam by clicking here.

You can access the course from here: Hootsuite Platform Certification Course

Table of Contents

With Hootsuite’s Mobile App, you can collaborate with your team on social media activities. Which of the following is not a feature you would use to collaborate with a teammate?

  • Drafts
  • Inbox
  • Analytics
  • Message Approvals

Which of the following is not a benefit of publishing to Instagram using Hootsuite?

  • Scheduling and rescheduling multiple posts in advance
  • Reviewing Instagram analytics alongside metrics from your other social accounts
  • Adding location tags and swipe-up links to your post from within the Composer
  • Viewing comments on your Instagram content in the same window as engagements on your other social accounts.

When composing outgoing posts in Hootsuite, what’s the best way to collaborate with a team or team member to finalize that post?

  • Assign the post to a social account the team or team member manages, then click ‘Save Draft’.
  • Publish the post to a social network, then click ‘assign to team or colleague’.
  • Mention the team or team member in the drafted post before saving.
  • Save the post as a draft and then add it to the collaboration board for that team.

What actions can Instagram Business users take in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard? Pick three.

  • Edit a scheduled Instagram post
  • View engagements on your published posts
  • Respond to comments directly
  • Monitor hashtags specified by you
  • Create and schedule a new Instagram post
  • Export an analytics report

 Name the area pictured in the Hootsuite Mobile App

  • Composer
  • Publisher
  • Insights
  • Inbox
  • Streams

You can do all of the following actions in the Hootsuite Composer, except

  • Search for mentions of your company name
  • Convert a web address into a shortened, trackable owly link
  • Pick the social accounts to which you want to publish your post
  • Add alt-text to make the content more accessible
  • Schedule when your post should publish

 In Hootsuite’s Promote feature, what are automation triggers used for?

  • Notifying you when your automated posts have exceeded your campaign budget.
  • Instantly trigger campaigns with ROI positive SEO to capture more search engine algorithms.
  • Automatically stopping an advertising campaign that falls below a certain threshold of performance.
  • Putting advertising dollars behind your published posts that meet the criteria you have specified.
  • Analyzing the performance of past posts in bulk, in order to recommend candidates for paid promotion.

 In Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a Report with a colleague rather than sending them an exported pdf?

  • Reports provide your colleagues with continuous access to updated data
  • Reports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grades your company’s social activities relative to your defined social media objectives
  • Reports include a chatbot that offers personalized recommendations on how to optimize your campaigns
  • Reports predict what the recipient/stakeholder wants to see and tailors the information accordingly

When you share an Analytics Report with a team member, you can allow them to adjust the parameters of the report. To enable this level of collaboration, set the permission to

  • Can edit
  • Unlimited permissions
  • Super-admin
  • Default
  • Custom

 Say you’re drafting a batch of social posts as part of a campaign. You need to access brand-approved visual assets stored on Google Drive to include in your posts. What’s the most efficient way to access these visuals?

  • Use the Share button in Google Drive to export the images to Hootsuite
  • Install the Google Cloud app from the Hootsuite App Store to access the assets directly
  • Save the images to your desktop from Google Drive, then drag and drop them to Hootsuite Content library

Which one of the following is not a use case for the ‘Hootsuite Organizations’ feature?

  • Facilitate team collaboration to address customer feedback on social media
  • Plan the content publishing schedule in a calendar format
  • Control off-brand or offensive posts and trigger corrective action limit access to social network passwords
  • Specify what actions team members have permission to perform in Hootsuite

Let’s say you draft a message in Hootsuite, but then want to create several variations of that message, without altering the original. Which of the following actions would you take?

  • Draft Variation
  • Compose Array
  • Duplicate a Draft
  • Message Cascade

The data shown in the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is updated for the first _____ that a post is live.

  • 7 days
  • 24 hours
  • 14 weeks
  • 31 days

The purpose of the social profile picker in Composer is to:

  • select or deselect your existing social networks you’d like to connect to with your Hootsuite account
  • pick the social networks for which you’d like to generate a statistics report about your publishing efforts
  • select the social networks you’d like to monitor for activity relevant to your brand
  • identify the social networks to which you’d like to publish your message

When using Hootsuite’s bulk composer, all messages must be scheduled at least _________ ahead of when you plan to import the CSV file into Hootsuite.

  • 2 hours
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 10 minutes

When it’s time to publish an Instagram message to a personal Instagram account, how does the Hootsuite mobile app alert you that it’s time to press the publish button in the Instagram app?

  • Email
  • a gentle owl hoot followed by the sound of wind blowing through the trees
  • push notification
  • text message
  • calendar reminder

Hootsuite Mobile is useful for teams because of the following functionality:

  • Campaigns and Content Library
  • Search and Assignments
  • Approvals and Campaigns
  • Content Library and Online Education
  • Assignments and Approvals

Which of the options below best describe the action being undertaken in the visual?

  • assigning an incoming social message to a team member for a response
  • publishing a social media message to several social media accounts
  • giving a top performing organic social post a paid boost
  • creating a new stream for engaging with your audience
  • adding a social network to your Hootsuite dashboard
  • running an analytics report to demonstrate ROI

Anything you want to do in Hootsuite can be found in either the header or the sidebar, with the main workspace is in the center. Which of the following is not a feature you’ll find in the sidebar?

  • Streams
  • Notifications
  • Analytics
  • App Directory
  • Publisher

The reports feature in Hootsuite Analytics is:

  • a location search stream, with geocode set for your specific location
  • where you set up user-generated content contests
  • a fully customizable, real-time display of social metrics data
  • you undertake audience testing to determine the best ad product to purchase
  • where you set the parameters for a Hootsuite social media campaign

What’s the difference between a stream and a tab?

  • Streams are for searching out conversations, whereas tabs are for publishing content to your audiences.
  • Streams provide account analytics, Tabs are where geo-searches are performed.
  • Tabs are for searching out conversations, whereas streams are for publishing content to your audiences.
  • Steams display content from your social networks, and Tabs house a collection of streams.

Which of the following is not an action you can perform in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard?

  • like and reply
  • retweet and favourite
  • search for hashtags or keywords
  • send a direct message to a user
  • save a composed message as a draft

Geo-search streams are used to help you find tweets and Twitter conversations relevant to your brand that are happening in:

  • your home country
  • pre-set topic areas
  • specific physical locations or regions
  • private profiles or closed networks
  • specific social networks

Which of the following actions can NOT be done in the Hootsuite Planner feature?

  • editing a message
  • rescheduling a post
  • viewing tags
  • composing a message
  • perform a geo-search

When using Hootsuite’s mobile notification workflow to publish images to your personal Instagram account, which step do you need to complete on your phone?

  • Selecting the image you’d like to publish.
  • Adding links you’d like to publish with your image.
  • Publishing the image to your Instagram account.
  • Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish.

If you need to keep track of a large number of published or scheduled messages sent to a variety of social networks, Hootsuite __________ is an important product area for you to familiarize yourself with.

  • Approvals Queue
  • Publisher
  • Content Library
  • Engagement
  • Assignments

To determine the ROI of your social media activities, which Hootsuite product would you use?

  • Hootsuite Metrics
  • Hootsuite Social ROI
  • Hootsuite Solutions
  • Hootsuite Analytics
  • Hootsuite ROI Calculator

With Hootsuite’s Mobile App you can share ______________ with teams, which allows everyone to monitor the same social feed and see which messages have been responded to and by whom.

  • message approvals
  • Publisher calendars
  • Streams
  • Campaigns
  • content libraries

To access the Hootsuite App Directory, go to the:

  • Launch Menu
  • Extensions Dropdown
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Settings Panel

There are several ways you can schedule new messages in Hootsuite. Which of the following doesn’t belong?

  • using the bulk uploader
  • from within the calendar view in the Publisher
  • from the drop down menu in a search stream
  • from within the Compose box (manual and auto-schedule)

The Hootsuite Analytics overview automatically analyzes two time periods: the one you select, and the corresponding length of time before that. For example, if you select the last 7 days, the overview will automatically pull data from the previous 14 days. Why would this be a benefit?

  • to put your analytics results in a more historical perspective
  • to provide an estimate of future trends
  • this is not a feature of the overview module
  • to add fullness to your metrics reports
  • to make it easier to generate ROI reports for key stakeholders

Overview and Reports are modules within which Hootsuite product?

  • Hootsuite Ads
  • Hootsuite Metrics
  • Hootsuite Campaigns
  • Hootsuite Publisher
  • Hootsuite Analytics

You can do all of the following actions in the Composer, except:

  • schedule when your message should publish
  • convert a web address into a shortened, trackable owly link
  • track character count limits for the social networks your posting to
  • search for mentions of your company name
  • pick the social profiles to which you want to publish your message

By setting a team member’s permissions to ‘Can Edit’ on a report in Hootsuite Analytics, you are granting them:

  • full editing rights to that report
  • admin permissions for that report
  • team admin permissions for that report
  • partial editing rights

When using the Composer in Hootsuite’s Mobile app, which options are available for sending your message?

  • send now, auto-schedule, or schedule a custom time
  • send now or schedule a custom time
  • send now only
  • schedule a custom time only
  • Hootsuite Mobile does not allow publishing – only engagement functionality

When composing messages in Hootsuite, how would you make a rough draft of a message available with a team or team member for collaboration?

  • Save the message as a draft and then find it in the collaboration board with that team.
  • Publish the message to a social network, then click ‘assign to team or colleague’.
  • Assign the message to a social network the team or team member manages, then click ‘Save Draft’.
  • @Mention the team or team member in the drafted message before saving.

___________ allow you to monitor social activity around certain keywords, phrases and even specific users or locations, and respond where appropriate.

  • Comment trackers
  • Search streams
  • Analytics
  • Plug-ins
  • Internal tags

The Hootsuite bulk composer allows you to:

  • approve large numbers of posts composed by junior team members
  • schedule up to 350 messages at one time, including existing scheduled messages
  • publish the same message across hundreds of social media networks at once
  • add background music to all the YouTube videos in a playlist
  • send out hundreds of personalized direct messages to your Twitter lists
  • generate large amounts of SEO friendly copy, based on social marketing goals

When you add an RSS feed to Hootsuite’s Publisher, posts from blogs and websites you designate will be:

  • commented on automatically, with customizable, pre-scripted copy that you input under your RSS feed preferences
  • automatically posted to the social network you choose, with a pre-scripted message and a trackable link
  • put into a ‘Post-Approvals Queue’ for review by your organization’s designated Hootsuite administrator
  • blocked from your feed

In Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a report with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?

  • activities relative to your defined social media objectives
  • reports analyze a team member’s Hootsuite activity (e.g., engagement and publishing) to pull out the metrics that are most valuable to them
  • reports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grade your company’s social
  • reports provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want it
  • reports include a qualitative analysis report indicating what you should do more of (and less of)

Let’s say you’re creating a search stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, to find mentions of the phrase vacation holiday getaway. How do you ensure that the exact phrase gets searched for, rather than the individual words in the phrase?

  • Boolean operators after the phrase
  • asterisks around the phrase
  • @symbol after the phrase
  • ampersands before the phrase
  • quotation marks around the phrase

To share access to a Hootsuite Analytics report with your colleagues you need to use the Share button to:

  • open a printer friendly version of the board
  • auto-populate an internal CRM message
  • create and copy a custom owly link which you can then share
  • share it via email

The best place to search for free (and paid) software for customizing your Hootsuite dashboard to your exact business need is called the:

  • Partner Library
  • Explore tab
  • App Directory
  • Hootsuite App Store
  • Hootsuite Impact tab

Let’s say you want to monitor all the comments on a campaign YouTube video you’ve just launched. To do this, create a ‘My Videos’ stream, find the campaign video, and then select ‘___________________’.

  • YouTube Search
  • Playlist
  • Geo-search
  • Create Comment Stream

Within the Hootsuite Composer, you can transform URLs into what’s called an ‘owly’ link. Which of the following are reasons you’d want to use this feature. (pick two)

  • owly links provide higher resolution previews of the webpage being linked to
  • owly links are trackable, which means you can track how many people clicked it
  • owly links use less characters than regular URLs
  • owly links are prioritized by social networks
  • owly links are perceived as more trustworthy than regular URLs

YouTube is a great source for curating interesting content for your audience. Hootsuite helps with its built in YouTube ____________. This lets you discover new videos based on keywords or key phrases.

  • content curation tab
  • suggested content
  • filter videos
  • search stream
  • ‘My Content Finder’

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