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The Ultimate Udemy Vs Lynda Showdown: Which One is the Best for You?

udemy vs lynda ultimate comparison

Making the decision to learn a new skill can be difficult. You want to make sure that you are getting the best education possible for your money. This is why Udemy vs Lynda are two of the most popular choices for online learning. Both platforms offer a wide variety of courses, but which one is right for you? In this article, we will compare Udemy and Lynda in terms of price, course selection, quality, and more!

Udemy is an online learning platform with a distinct selling proposition. They describe themselves as a “course marketplace.” Udemy provides instructors with an open platform to develop and market their courses. Online students evaluate the courses on a five-star basis, giving rise to an educational meritocracy.

In contrast to Udemy, Coursera offers a more curated online learning experience. Their education platform includes courses and degree programs developed by some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, such as Duke University, Stanford University, Penn State University, and the University of Michigan. A member of the institution’s faculty lectures each course.

Overview of Udemy vs Lynda

Udemy and Lynda are both online course platforms that offer a variety of courses. Udemy has over 130,000 courses while Lynda has about 13,000. That being said, Udemy offers a wider variety of courses than Lynda. However, this does not necessarily mean that Udemy is better than Lynda. It just means that Udemy has more to offer in terms of course selection.


Udemy learning platform

Udemy is a learning platform that you can access online. Udemy offers over 80,000 courses from expert instructors on topics like web development, business, IT and software, marketing, personal growth, and more. Udemy has been around since 2010 and boasts of having taught over 20 million students so far.


Lynda learning platform

Lynda learning platform Lynda.com is an online learning platform that was founded in 1995. Lynda offers access to over 6000 courses taught by expert instructors on topics like web development, business, IT and software, marketing, personal growth, photography, and more. Lynda has been around for a longer time than Udemy and boasts of having taught over one million students so far

Udemy Vs Lynda: Pricing

Udemy pricing

Udemy offers a number of free courses in addition to the priced ones. The lessons might cost anything from $20 to $200, with increments of $5 between. You may also get special savings on Udemy’s courses. Instructors frequently provide coupons for their courses in order to entice students to enroll.

Udemy pricing plan

Lynda pricing

Lynda pricing plan

Users on this platform have a ten-day free trial. You may pick any membership plan for yourself after the ten-day trial has ended. The monthly subscription for membership on this platform is about $19.99 per month, while the yearly fee is approximately $69.99.

The quality of courses on Udemy and Lynda

In terms of quality, both Udemy and Lynda offer high-quality courses. Udemy courses are taught by experts in their field and Lynda courses are produced by LinkedIn Learning, which is a trusted name in online learning.

Which Is Better: Udemy or Lynda? Membership and Access

Udemy offers a monthly subscription service that gives you unlimited access to all of their courses, while Lynda offers a yearly subscription with limited access to certain courses. If you are looking for more freedom and want to be able to pick and choose the courses you take, Udemy is the better option. However, if you know exactly which courses you want to take and don’t mind being restricted to a certain number of courses, Lynda is the better option.

Instructors: Udemy vs. Lynda


udemy instructors

When it comes to instructors, Udemy definitely has the upper hand. All of Udemy’s courses are taught by experts in their field who have years of experience.


lynda instructors 1

Lynda does offer some courses taught by experts, but there are also a number of courses taught by people with little-to-no experience. This can be a major turnoff for some people.

Networking and Business Development With Udemy Vs. Lynda


Udemy offers a number of services, one of which is known as Udemy for Business. This service enables businesses/organizations to pay for their employees to take particular courses that will help them succeed more effectively. Companies may pick from a variety of around 25,000+ courses, many of which are focused on technology, design, and business management.

Another benefit of using this platform is that it allows businesses to create their own personalized course plans in order to ensure that the employees acquire the required abilities in an identical way. The employers of businesses or organizations may also review the performance of their workers in these courses. This is critical to ensure that the material is properly understood since it provides


The ability to contact individuals you may not be connected with on LinkedIn is a premium feature offered by this network. This allows employees to interact with individuals who may have knowledge about specific professions or get professional advice.

The buyer may also check who has checked out their profile on the platform in the previous ninety days, allowing them to learn a lot about potential competition for the work they are interested in or have applied for.

Ease of Use: Which Is More Effective, Udemy or Lynda?


Udemy user interface

Udemy Udemy is a very user-friendly platform. The courses are easy to find and the instructors provide clear instructions on how to get started. Udemy also offers a wide range of topics, making it perfect for people who want to learn about a variety of subjects.


Lynda user interface

Lynda Lynda is also a user-friendly platform. The courses are easy to find and the instructors provide clear instructions on how to get started. Lynda also offers a wide range of topics, making it perfect for people who want to learn about a variety of subjects.

Content of Both Udemy and Lynda: Which Is the Better Option?

If you’re trying to decide between Udemy and Lynda for your online learning needs, it’s important to consider the content of each platform. Udemy offers a variety of courses on different topics, while Lynda focuses mainly on business and technology-related subjects.

Udemy also has a more diverse range of instructors than Lynda. While Udemy does have some well-known instructors, such as Tim Ferriss and John Crestani, it also has a lot of courses taught by people who are not as well-known. This can be good or bad, depending on your learning style.

If you prefer to learn from experts in the field, Lynda might be a better choice. But if you’re open to learning from anyone, Udemy could be a better option.

Udemy Vs Lynda: Pros and cons

Udemy pros

  • Udemy offers a variety of courses, with new ones added every month.
  • You can access Udemy courses on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Udemy has a lower pricing plan than Lynda.
  • The courses are available in over 80 languages, and they can be studied by students at almost any level.
  • The network has a fantastic user base.
  • The is only a one-time fee

Udemy cons

  • Udemy courses can be hit or miss. There are also a lot of mediocre or even bad ones.
  • Some courses do not provide very valuable certificates.
  • Udemy Udemy can be expensive for some courses.

Lynda pros

  • The majority of the classes offered are designed to give a hands-on approach and urge pupils to apply what they’ve learned by developing projects.
  • You can collaborate with other members for expert assistance.
  • You can see who has viewed your profile.
  • The lessons are taught by instructors who have the expertise, and the films are only available after completing an evaluation.
  • The courses are available in five different languages.

Lynda cons

  • You can’t download the course videos, so you have to be connected to the internet to watch them.
  • Some users find the interface difficult to navigate.
  • Courses can be repetitive and lack new material.
  • There is no community for the users on this platform.
  • The Android and iOS mobile apps aren’t very good.


So, which is the better choice for you? Udemy or Lynda? In our opinion, it depends on what you are looking for. If you want a wide variety of courses and don’t mind lower-quality videos, then Udemy is probably the better option for you. However, if you are looking for high-quality courses with more instructor interaction, then Lynda may be a better choice. No matter which platform you choose, we hope that this article has helped make your decision a little bit easier!

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